Your World

When you go to college, you’re not just attending a school; you become part of a globalized, multicultural community with links to people and places all over the world. This is one of the best chances you’ll ever have to learn about other cultures and meet interesting people who can show you more about the world you live in. Students who participate in these kinds of opportunities are better prepared for success in the increasingly globalized workplace of the 21st century. NC State provides a rich array of opportunities for you to develop a global perspective and gain cross-cultural skills while you receive a truly international education. Some of the best are listed below.

Your world on campus

Global Village

University Housing’s Global Village is a Living and Learning Village for students who want to live in a community with people from a variety of cultural, national and ethnic backgrounds. Global Village pairs international students with U.S. students as roommates, hosts a faculty-led lecture series on international issues and conducts discussion programs on topics of global significance.

Cultural Exchange Network (CENet)

Through the CENet you can join with international students to engage in academic, volunteer and cultural events around the Triangle, including our monthly “language exchange,” which gives you a chance to practice speaking a variety of languages with native speakers. Many classes offer academic credit for participation in the CENet, and CENet participation counts toward the requirements of the Global Perspectives Certificate.

Global Perspectives Certificate

All degree-seeking undergraduates are eligible to earn a Global Perspectives Certificate, which documents your academic, professional and extracurricular involvement in international studies and activities while at NC State. Students who earn the certificate will receive an official notation on their transcript and can cite the certificate when applying for scholarships, jobs and graduate school.

Multicultural Student Affairs

The Department of Multicultural Student Affairs provides programs that support the academic success of NC State’s ethnically diverse student population. The department also sponsors cultural events for the whole campus, including Hispanic Heritage Month, Black History Month and the Native American Pow Wow.

International Friendship Program

NC State’s Office of International Services sponsors programs that connect the more than 3,000 international students with the broader NC State community and people and organizations in the Raleigh area. The sole purpose of the International Friendship Program is to develop cross-cultural friendships.

Read more about global opportunities on campus at the Global Experiences site.

Your world abroad

Alternative Service Break

CSLEPS offers transformative service-learning trips in more than 15 countries focused on water quality and sanitation, hunger policy, affordable housing, civil and GLBT rights, environmental issues, youth empowerment and education. During your break from classes, you have the opportunity to be immersed in another culture while helping others and learning about your role as a global citizen.

Study Abroad

If you think study abroad isn’t for you, think again! Academic study in a foreign country is one of the richest experiences you’ll ever have. Scholarships and financial aid are available to help defray the costs, and you can still graduate on time. Some study abroad programs even include internship and research opportunities.

Research Abroad

Undergraduate research is one of the best ways to strengthen your academic résumé. Fortunately, some of the most exciting research programs take place overseas. NC State faculty conduct a number of these programs, and other opportunities are offered by private organizations that sponsor cultural exchanges. Programs are available in just about every field imaginable; many of them provide course credit, too.