Your Mind

Everyone knows that college is supposed to be an intellectually enriching experience. But did you know that your regular courses are just one way to engage your mind? NC State offers a number of immersive educational opportunities that allow you to learn outside the classroom, whether it’s in a laboratory, a residential setting or a community of peers who have goals and aspirations similar to yours. When you put down the books and step outside your door, you unlock a whole new area of intellectual experience that teaches you things you can’t learn any other way. Here are some excellent ways for you to engage your mind.

Undergraduate research

NC State is a global leader in providing opportunities for undergraduates to conduct original research under the guidance of a faculty mentor. Undergraduates in all disciplines — from anthropology, history, design and English to physics, microbiology and turfgrass management — can engage in the excitement of scholarly research. Opportunities are available during the fall and spring semesters as well as the summer. NC State also offers Undergraduate Research Grant Awards to help students expand the field of knowledge in their chosen discipline.

Undergraduate Research opportunities

The Office of Undergraduate Research maintains a comprehensive list of undergraduate research opportunities on campus. These opportunities range across every college at NC State, making it easy for you to expand your mind and advance knowledge at the same time.

Summer Research Experience programs

NC State offers a number of Summer Research Experience programs that give students valuable academic and professional preparation for careers involving research. The programs — in fields ranging from chemistry to engineering to biostatistics — allow students to meet faculty in their discipline, network with like-minded peers and hone critical research skills.

Senior design and capstone courses

As you near the end of your undergraduate career at NC State, a senior design or capstone course gives you a way to integrate and apply everything you’ve learned in your major. These courses — which might involve a thesis, a research project or an internship — are a culmination of everything you’ve worked toward in your field. Some programs require these courses, and others make them available as an option. Contact your academic advisor to learn whether a senior design or capstone course is an option for you.

Combining high-impact activities

We’ve divided our high-impact opportunities into categories to make them easier to find, but they don’t necessarily have to stay that way. Look for opportunities to mix and match across the categories and create the best experience for you. For instance, many study abroad programs incorporate a service learning component, and some capstone courses include internship experience. The next time you talk to a faculty member or staff person about a high-impact opportunity, ask whether you can combine activities and make a good opportunity even better.